Our Methodology

Our Methodology

We separate insight from previous experience, prejudices, assumptions, presumptions, believes etc. Try to get data from independent sources.

We draw conclusions based on the insight. We may have to move back and forth between Insight and Analysis until client is comfortable with the our proposed strategy.

We surface the gaps in the current processes and pratices and propose changes. This is critical stage in defining the clear objective that needs to be achieved.

Objectives are the foundation for strategy, but also the only way you can measure success probability. We also ensure the Objective are S.M.A.R.T-Specific, Measurable, Accepted, Realistic, Timed.

Strategy in general is a approach to achieve objectives. It is a written explanation and justification of how a set of general activities can lead to the defined objectives. Always check if core team is aligned to the strategy before moving to Implementation.

Implementation is “What-Who-When”. The timelines of implementation is normally supported by a budget and resources that are made available by an organization.

Evaluation is to check, monitor and ensure the implementation of new process is been followed and everybody is following their deadlines.

We perform regular “Reviews” where we ensure performance against objectives on the “macro level” and document what should be improved/adjusted in the future.

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